Certified in Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology

Certified by the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine

    Cynthia Spellman, MD


To give you, attention, and privacy that I feel is absolutely necessary

in order to really help you, I have decided not to accept any insurances, as

the insurance-accepting practice model is very different than my practice model.

The insurance model includes longer waiting times to get an appointment

and much shorter face-to-face appointment times with the actual psychiatrist

- or in many cases the nurse practitioner.

It also involves multiple middlemen and "business associates"

who get involved with billing - and they do it electronically.

Privacy in not highly safeguarded.

And if you want psychotherapy, you will likely have to see yet another provider.


To avoid these negative aspects of the insurance model

 people pay me directly and then seek partial reimbursement from their insurance

 if they have Out-of-Network benefits.

Checks, Cash, Credit Cards, & Health Savings Account cards can all be used.


People who are very concerned about privacy and do not want it on their record

that they saw a psychiatrist do not even seek reimbursement.


People that do seek reimbursement mail in the paper claim forms that I give them.

I am very discrete about the information I put on these forms.


Many insurances (but not all) provide these Out-of-Network benefits.


For example, the most common insurance that covers state employees reimburses at

80% of the costs.  Many other good insurances do the same.


if you wish, check with your insurance to see what they would pay you back

for the sessions.  They will want to know the "procedure codes".

They  are 90792 AF for the first session and 90837 AF for all subsequent sessions.

 All sessions are 55 minutes long.


Affordable Four-Session Discount Packages Are Available.

Almost all patients choose one of the two very affordable packages.  Ask me for details.




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