Since she does not participate with any insurance plans, Dr Spellman can and does refuse to use electronic medical records!  Patients pay Dr. Spellman privately and directly and she offers them a paper insurance claim form to submit to their insurance for reimbursement – if they have Out of Network Benefits – and if they wish to submit.  A major difference in privacy (if they do submit) is that the insurance company cannot get access to your records or to your private information because Dr. Spellman uses paper only -not electronic records.  The only thing she puts on the insurance claim form are code numbers and dates.  No details.   Most high level professionals do not want any record of psychiatric care so do they not submit claim forms. 

If you call your insurance, tell them Dr. Spellman is an Out of Network MD-psychiatrist and that she will be spending 50 minutes with you each session.  The “procedure code” for the first session is always 90792.  Subsequent sessions are coded differently.  The  two “procedures” Dr. Spellman will typically combine during those subsequent 50-minute sessions are  99213 with 90836.

Dr. Spellman offers a  discounted 4- session package since most people need at least 4 sessions to get back on track.  Call or text her for details.  She will want to speak with you briefly and learn what your needs are to see if she thinks she can help you – before she makes an appointment with you.